The Swiftest Life Insurance Affiliate Program

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Join The Swiftest’s affiliate program to promote our life insurance comparisons. We pride ourselves in paying one of the highest commissions in the industry and strive to have the ultimate support for our affiliate partners. You will have your own dedicated account manager available 24/7 to help guide you in optimizing your efforts for maximum ROI. We have over 1100+ active partners monetizing their business and helping their customers find peace of mind through insurance. You will be in great company.

High Commissions

We pay one of the highest life insurance commissions in the industry at $100 per qualified lead.

Granular Reporting

Track everything you need from the ground up with our EverFlow affiliate dashboard.

Dedicated Manager

Get support 24/7 from your dedicated San Francisco based account manager and optimization specialist.


“I am a small mom blogger with a lot of content on babies and toddlers. I was looking for a way to further monetize my traffic beyond Amazon and other retailers and was glad to find The Swiftest. After working with them for 6 months I have seen my audience is very much into life insurance since they realize it’s essential for new parents.”

Below are my numbers for April 2023:

  • 167 visits
  • 4 conversions
  • 2.39% conversion rate
  • $400 commission

~Anonymous Mom Blogger based in Provo, Utah

Still got questions?… Keep reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I trust The Swiftest?

Our business was formed in 2020 and our founders have almost two decades worth of experience in the insurance industry. We are nationally licensed agents based in San Francisco with a background in managing affiliate programs for some of the largest insurance companies in the world. 

We have 1100+ active partners of all sizes and have sold thousands of insurance policies. We only work with the best insurance companies, all of which are vetted and A-rated. Our affiliate program is powered by Everflow which is the industry leader in affiliate management software. This guarantees the most accurate link tracking and the most granular reporting for you to easily measure the success of all your campaigns.

Lastly, our research studies and interviews have been featured in major publications all over the world including, but not limited to 24/7 Wall Street, Business Insider, Yahoo News, Jerusalem Post, India Times, The Sun, MSN, American Express, Travel & Leisure, Elle, Mashable, The Scotsman, The Daily Hive, and hundreds more. 

2. Why should I sign up with The Swiftest instead of getting a partnership directly with a life insurance company?

In our first-hand experience, over the past three years, most life insurance companies are inundated with applications and will most likely not even respond to new applicants. Whereas at The Swiftest, we approve all legitimate applications within 24 hours. We are licensed in insurance in all 50 states, which allows us to negotiate significantly better payment terms, combined with having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid advertising to gain the trust of partners and to broker substantially better rates which we can then pass along to you as one of the highest commissions in the industry.

Additionally, we have found that our comparison pages convert much better for our partners than just promoting one life insurance brand. This is because you are providing an unbiased comparison where your audience can make an informed decision on which provider is best for their needs. 

3. What are typical conversion rates?

Conversion rates vary drastically by the source of traffic. For example, a post on Instagram won’t convert nearly as well as a dedicated article on life insurance that someone searched for via Google. However, our general rule of thumb is you can expect a conversion rate somewhere between 1% to 5% when you send quality traffic to our comparison pages. A few of our partners are seeing as high as 8% conversion rates but this is rare. Ultimately, the only way to know for sure how well your traffic will convert is to test it out for yourself.

4. Who partners with The Swiftest?

As mentioned, The Swiftest Life Insurance comparison service was launched in 2020 and has helped countless of people find the ideal life insurance plan. We have over 1100+ partners monetizing their business and helping their customers find peace of mind through life insurance. Our partners include mom and lifestyle bloggers, influencers, life insurance brokers, local insurance agents, and more. You will be in great company.

5. When do you pay? How can I get paid?

Because we work with insurance partners, we pay you when we get paid and the sale clears without a cancellation or fraud is detected. We pay 60 days in arrears and have never missed a payment to our partners in 3 years.

6. How can I benefit from being an affiliate? 

We handle the insurance so you can handle what you do best. We create an additional income stream for you that can be substantial with little to no effort on your part once it’s set up. However, in general, you will get out of the partnership what you put in. If you ever want guidance or help with your marketing efforts, you have a 24/7 US-based account manager always a phone, zoom or email away. 

Additionally, we know from first-hand experience that many people don’t even know that life insurance can be bought online without a medical exam. You have the opportunity to educate your audience by helping them secure life insurance at affordable rates for their loved ones. You are providing people with a meaningful service that is a win-win for all involved. 

7. I live outside the United States, can I still sign up and get paid? 

Yes, we have many partners from all over the world. We pay via Wise to international partners and PayPal and Direct Deposits are options for US-based partners. One thing to note is that we only service customers looking for life insurance in the United States so as long as your audience is US-based then we can pay you the commission wherever you are located in the world.

8. How long is your cookie good for? 

30 days. We’ve found that most conversions occur within one week of clicking the affiliate links and rarely occur after 30 days since all conversions are based on “last click”.

9. I don’t have a website, can I still join? 

Yes, you can still sign up and refer via email, social media, other online channels, or even via QR codes on brochures.

10. Do I need a large audience to get approved? 

No, we work with hundreds of businesses of all sizes in every niche imaginable. We like to foster partnerships with individuals or businesses and grow together.

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