About Us

Data Analytics Research

One key mission of The Swiftest is to focus our data analytics expertise on important societal and environmental issues. We use our risk analysis tools to help us develop thought provoking studies to shine light on pressing global issues such as climate change, animal rights, human rights, social media influence, and travel.

Our writing and research has been featured in the following publications among hundreds of others around the world.

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Insurance Industry Research

The Swiftest was born out of insurance, pet and travel industry veterans looking to create a better way to compare and purchase insurance swiftly. After spending way too many hours shopping on a multitude of websites, in a variety of niches, the founders realized there had to be a better way to find insurance quickly in one place. Our unbiased and proprietary SwiftScore, provides all the information a consumer of insurance needs in a one-stop shop. Having been plagued by calls and emails from previous insurance searches, the founders built The Swiftest with privacy being paramount to our customers. We will never sell your information to anyone, period. We look forward to providing our users with the fastest way to find the best policies at the most affordable rates.

Partnership program

We know firsthand what it’s like applying to affiliate programs, not hearing back for weeks or months, or getting denied for no reason. We designed our partnership program with the affiliate in mind. This allows other businesses to send traffic to our insurance comparisons so that their audience can ultimately decide which product is best for them. We are very proud of our affiliate program and aim to provide the best experience on the Internet.

Team Members

The Swiftest is a start-up based in San Francisco. However, we believe in allowing our team to work remotely and currently have team members in Hawaii, Morocco, and all across the US. Our core team is passionate about sustainability and we are working on several non-profit projects including helping to re-forest the globe via One Tree Planted.