7 Best Mulitple Cat Litter Boxes

Updated on Feb 8, 2024 by Matthew H. Nash

Are you looking for the best multiple cat litter boxes? Look no further. As experienced cat parents, we know how important it is to ensure your cats maintain healthy bathroom habits while keeping your house as clean as possible. We have selected only litter boxes with high sides so that your cats get their much-desired privacy and litter doesn’t leave the box. We hope this article saves you valuable time and money. affiliate disclosure.

7 Best Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

IRIS Litter Box with High Sides and Litter Scoop

The IRIS litter box has high sides and curved edges for your cats’ safety, comfort and privacy. The lower entry point allows your cats to access the box with ease. It comes with a matching scoop, and the recessed bottom means it can fit in a variety of spaces. A polished interior keeps soiled litter from sticking and makes cleaning effortless. Unlike most cat products available these days, this IRIS litter box is made in the USA.

Nature’s Miracle Hooded Litter Box with Charcoal Filter

This hooded litter box gives your cats the privacy they crave, while also keeping them from kicking litter outside the box. Since there is no flap and the entry point is low, your cats will find it easy to access. The interior’s non-stick surface prevents odor buildup and litter from caking along the sides. A bonus is that the box comes with a built-in charcoal filter to maintain freshness and minimize odor between cleanings.

Litter Genie Litter Box

This litter box is made from flexible plastic, which allows it to bend to fit in awkward or smaller spaces. It also comes with handles on each side for lifting and moving it. The high sides work to keep your cats from kicking litter all over the place, and the curved base will prevent litter from clumping along the sides and corners. One aspect that sets this litter box apart from all the others is how easy it is to empty and clean it. Simply pull the two handles together to create a spout and pour!

Lemonade Pet Insurance for Kittens


I have compared and price checked all the pet insurance companies on the market and have consistently found Lemonade to be the best combination of price, coverage, and claim satisfaction. I personally use Lemonade for my kitten, Ramen. I know from experience that your kitten is going to regularly see your vet for routine care but also unforeseen emergencies are bound to happen. Lemonade covers spaying and neutering, most tests, vaccines, emergencies, and preventative care. By far the cheapest time to sign up for pet insurance is when your kitten is young because they likely won’t have any pre-existing conditions.

Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter System & Box

Purina’s Breeze Litter Box system combines extra-absorbent pads and litter pellets to keep your cats’ box as clean as possible. Urine gets absorbed by the pad in the bottom tray and solid waste remains above. This oversized litter box is perfect for multiple cats, even large ones, as it has a wide base and high walls. The Purina system guarantees that it will reduce tracking outside the box, keeping both your house and your cats’ feet clean. The design makes for seamless cleaning, and a litter scoop is included in the package.

Petmate Jumbo Open Litter Box

This jumbo litter box is an excellent choice for those with large cats who need that extra bit of room to take care of business. Its high edges and wide base ensure that as much litter as possible stays in the box. However, its entrance is still low enough for your furry friends to get in it. The curved edges make the box easy to move and empty when the cleaning time comes.

Nature’s Miracle Hooded Flip-Top Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle is one of the most popular hooded litter boxes on the market due to its built-in charcoal filters to neutralize odors and simple but strong snap latches. The latter makes removing the hood and cleaning the box simple and fast, saving you time and energy. The handle on the top helps you lift and move it without bending down low. Since the box is enclosed, it contains any litter your cats may kick around, prevents them from accidentally peeing over the sides and gives them privacy whenever they use it. Consider using liners with this particular litter box if your cats tend to spray when they go to the bathroom.

Petmate Giant High-Capacity Litter Box

This extra-large litter box with sloped sides makes for a comfortable and easily accessible place for your cats to do their business. Whether they love to kick litter all about or pee against the box’s walls, the high sides will help contain both. It comes with curved edges to lift and move it at any time. The durable plastic makes cleaning simple and gives the box an extended life.

Wisdom Panel DNA Test

The Wisdom Panel is explicitly designed for cats and tests for blood type, more than 25 traits, and 70+ breeds. DNA testing is a great way to discover what potential health risks your cat may face so you can get ahead of them and help your furry friend thrive. As part of the package, you will receive a free consultation with a veterinarian to review your cat’s DNA test results.

Please note: Everything on our list is important to consider at some point early in your Kitten’s life. However, it’s good to know that pet insurance is one of the items that are smart to get before too long as it can save you so much money in vet bills. For example, Lemonade Pet Insurance covers spaying/neutering, vaccines, medications, hereditary diseases, and all kinds of emergencies starting at $10/ month.

Within the first year of owning my new kitten, Ramen, pet insurance has saved me close to $1,000 and I haven’t even had any emergencies. I wish I had known about pet insurance with all my previous pets because it would have saved me many thousands of dollars. Additionally, no insurance provider will cover pre-existing conditions once they are diagnosed. Therefore, if you sign up before any issues arise you will lock in the most favorable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions: Multiple Cat Litter Boxes

1. What are some of the best cat litters and litter box scoops?

World’s Best Cat Litter has formulated a litter for multiple cats free from perfumes and harsh chemicals and made from whole corn kernels. It has one of the lowest dust factors of any litter on the market, clumps well, and is septic-safe should you need to flush your cats’ poo down the toilet. This 32-lb bag should keep the litter boxes in your house full for a while. Another high-quality option is BoxieCat Deep Clean Litter, a clay-based clumping litter. Scent-free and with a similarly low dust factor as World’s Best, BoxieCat combats odor through probiotics. If you opt for one of the litter boxes above that does not come with a scoop, you may want either the WePet Aluminum Litter Box Scoop or the Chi-Buy Stainless Steel Litter Box Scoop.

2. How many litter boxes should I have?

Every home should have at least one litter box per cat. Therefore, if you have 2 cats, you will need 2 boxes. This allows your cats to have a bit of privacy and minimizes the chances of the boxes filling up when you’re out of the house for several hours. Like humans, cats do not appreciate using a dirty “toilet.” Having 1 box per cat reduces the risk of them “punishing you” by going pee or poo outside the litter box.

3. Is pet insurance worth it and when is the ideal time to sign up?

Pet insurance provides vital financial protection so that your kitten will be able to receive life-saving care and treatments, regardless of how expensive they may be. The best time to insure your kitten is once they turn 8 weeks old because the chances of them having developed any pre-existing conditions are minimal. As a result, you will get the lowest pet insurance rate for the best coverage. As stated above, I recommend Lemonade Pet Insurance.

4. Where in my house should I put the litter boxes?

Where you put your cats’ litter boxes can determine whether they develop healthy bathroom habits. Always position litter boxes away from your cats’ food and water bowls. They need to be in cool and spacious yet private areas. Scatter them throughout your home or apartment, ensuring that your cats have quick access to a box, regardless of where they may be at any given moment. Avoid placing them in cabinets or humid areas since it will increase bacteria growth.

5. How often should I clean my cats’ litter box(es)?

You will need to scoop the pee and poo from your cats’ litter boxes at least twice per day, if not more. The more frequently you scoop it, the less chance your cats will make a mess elsewhere. To prevent rancid smells from taking over your home, empty each litter box once every 2 weeks and more frequently if you live somewhere humid. Scrub them down with a mild water and vinegar mix, rinse with water, dry and then refill with fresh litter. Bi-weekly or weekly cleanings will also reduce your cats’ risk of developing urinary tract infections.

6. Is getting a DNA test legit?

Cat DNA tests are an excellent way to gain insight into your kitten’s breed mix and lineage, any health conditions they may be predisposed to, and typical personality traits. Keep in mind that all pet DNA tests have a margin for error and are relatively new products in the world of feline care. I like the Wisdom Panel DNA Test the best.

7. Should I get litter boxes with or without a hood?

We encourage cat parents to purchase similar style litter boxes to what their cats are already used to. However, if you’re just entering the world of cat-parenting and have yet to bring your cats home, we recommend opting for open-top litter boxes as they will feel more spacious to your cats.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful and informative in your search for the best multiple cat litter boxes. Buying the right litter boxes and litter can go a long way in promoting healthy elimination habits for your kitties and keeping your house dust-free. Your cats will thank you, and you will be pleased you’ve chosen litter boxes that are easy to clean.

A final note about pet insurance

Before my kitten, Ramen, was one year old I saved close to $1,000 in vet bills including wellness coverage. Previously, when I had my dog, Horace, I spent over $3,000 in vet bills without any insurance coverage. You might think I was a neglectful pet parent but I was the exact opposite. Puppies and kittens are curious by nature and just like human toddlers they are accident prone. Thankfully, I learned the hard way so that now if anything goes wrong with Ramen I will be covered and that will save me thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights.

I have spent dozens of hours researching pet insurance, including getting quotes and comparing coverage from all the most popular brands. Regardless of where you live and what kind of kitten you have, I am confident that you will also find that Lemonade Pet Insurance offers the ideal combo of coverage and price.

I wish you and your furry friend all the best and years of health and happiness.